Peshdar Plain Project
Prof. Dr. Janoscha Kreppner
Prof. Dr. Karen Radner
LMU University of Munich
Dinka Excavations

For two spring campaigns I participated in the excavations at the Iron Age Site Dinka / Gird-i Bazar in Iraqi Kurdistan. As a archaeological trench-supervisor I coordinated the work in one of the trenches of Dinka Lower Town 2 in 2017 and on the fortification of the citatel Qalat-i Dinka in 2018. The application of up-to-date documentation methods as square sampling, 3D-photogrammetry and GNSS-measurements was very helpful in the recording of the excavated structures and the post-processing of the excavation results.

The results of the excavations were published in
Peshdar Plain Project Publications Vol. 3
Peshdar Plain Project Publications Vol. 4

2017, 2018
Trench Supervision
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