Einsatzlager Wustrau
Prof. Dr. Susan Pollock
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Bernbeck
Prof. Dr. Morteza Hessari
Wustrau Excavations

In summer 2020, I participated in excavations at the modern historic site "Einsatzlager Wustrau" in Brandenburg (Germany). A camp of prisoners of war from Nazi-times was excavated by a international team of Iranian and German Archaeologists, organized by the Freie Universität Berlin.

With the help of GNSS-referencing of old building plans and historic aerial imagery, old camp structures were re-located and investigated by excavation. The precise geo-location of all measurements by GNSS-based benchmarks and the quality of the photogrametric record enhanced the resolution of the excavations` documentation.

Summer 2020
Interdisciplinary peace
and conflict research

FU Free University Berlin
AUI Art University Isfahan

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