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Archaeologist & Graphic Designer

Berlin | Germany

About me

I am an archaeologist (M.A.) with 13 years of field work. In addition, I am a trained graphic designer. Combining these two strands, my aim is to optimize the interaction and integration of surveying and 3D documentation with the requirements of traditional excavation documentation.

To this end, I offer a range of support services for archaeological research, such as technical support in the documentation and evaluation of excavation results as well as professional execution of their presentation, publication and archiving. My knowledge of the challenges in the processing of archaeological data can help to identify and avoid labour- and cost-intensive redundancies in advance.

The use of my own up-to-date technical equipment and my many years of experience in various archaeological research projects guarantee high standards and professional handling of your data. This ensures on-time delivery of your documentation results in the form of digital data, plans, illustrations and 3D models.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with your ideas, questions or inquiries...

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FW3D Archaeology and Graphic Design


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Stake-out and surveying are key to a successful excavation. Establishing the precise geo-location and setting up a well-planned and sustainable grid system help to keep the overview of all measurements carried out during your field campaigns.

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    Several years of field experience and the use of my own high-precision GNSS equipment guarantee a speedy, smooth and accurate execution of these tasks. My devices are field-tested and ready to to be used no matter where you want to start your project. Of course, it is also possible to integrate existing measuring systems and results and include corrections , if needed.

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Drone Mapping

Drone or UAV mapping offers a cost-effective and fast solution for the generation of topographical maps and surveys of unmapped regions. Traditional contour maps are drawn based on precise geo-referenced 3D data - saving several days of topographic surveying at the start of a mission.

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    While heavy canopy or limited access to airspace can cause problems in some areas, in most cases drone mapping is a useful approach for an overview map. The analysis of high-resolution aerial imagery in combination with crop marks or geophysical surveys can contribute tremendously to better identification of archaeological features.

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3D Archaeology

On-time 3D recording of excavation results and 3D scanning of artefacts improves the precision and outcome of archaeological documentation substantially. High-resolution area models introduce new perspectives of ancient deposits and architecture and facilitate their visualization.

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    Regular and detailed 3D recordings allow the reassessment and reinvestigation of excavation results at any time in the future. My extensive expertise in the application of these technologies in archaeology enables me to provide 3D services customized to your research objective and need.

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The scientifically correct and visually appealing presentation of excavation results is important to any archaeological project. I am a trained graphic designer with a deep understanding of illustration, layout and CAD software. I am also familiar with archaeological standards for publication and can execute your maps, plans and find drawings with careful attention to every detail.

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Graphic Design

Creative approaches towards the visualization of archaeological data in combination with traditional typographic craftsmanship stand for the high quality of my work. The use of advanced layout software supports the effective sharing of images, texts and corrections with the aim of an on-time delivery of ready to print results.

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Data Management

Archiving the scientific data in well-structured file systems and in future-ready formats are of major importance for the long-term availability of the results of our field work. Based on my broad experience with handling and maintaining big data structures, I can offer consultation on naming, file format and backup routines.

FW3D Archaeology and Graphic Design


Tell Ushayer


Excavations at Tell Ushayer
Project: Tell Ushayer Excavation Project
Director: Dr. D. Bonatz
FU University of Berlin

   See Project /
Telling Stones Project (Nias)
Telling Stones Project (Nias Island)
Project: Surveying & 3D-Documentation
Director: Prof. Dr. D. Bonatz
FU University of Berlin

   See Project /
Gird-i Shamlu


Excavations at Gird-i Shamlu
Project: Shamlu Archaeological Mission
Director: Dr. S. Mühl
LMU University of Munich

   See Project /
Monument Park Henzendorf


Hittites in Henzendorf (Germany)
Project: Monument Park Henzendorf / 3D Documentation Field Test
Client: Schlaubetal Nature Park
Brandenburg / Germany

  See Project /
Tell Fekheriye Excavation Reports
Project: Tell Fekheriye Publication Project
Director: Prof. Dr. D. Bonatz
FU University of Berlin

  See Project /
Dinka Lower Town


Excavations at Qalat-i Dinka / Dinka Lower Town
Project: Qalat-i Dinka Excavations
Director: Prof. Dr. Janoscha Kreppner | Prof. Dr. Karen Radner
LMU University of Munich

   See Project /
Haji Saeed Mutabche


Suleymania Heritage Houses | 3D Documentation
Project: Heritage Houses in Suleymania (Iraqi Kurdistan)
Directorate of Antiquities Suleymania / Gerda-Henkel Foundation
Shamlu Archaeological Mission

  See Project /
Gird-i Shamlu


Small Find Drawings
As a graphic designer and enthusiastic draftsman, I produced object and pottery pencil drawings with high attention to detail for several archaeological missions in the Ancient Near East.

  See Examples /


Gird-i Qalrakh | 3D Topography
Project: Qalrakh Excavations
Director: Prof. Dr. D. Wicke
GU University of Frankfurt

  See the 3D-model on sketchfab
Wustrau Excavations
Excavation in Wustrau
Project: Excavation setup, Surveying & 3D-Documentation
Director: Prof. Dr. S. Pollock and Prof. Dr. R. Bernbeck
FU University of Berlin

   See Project /

FW3D Archaeology and Graphic Design


While modern instruments do not replace archaeological knowledge, the quality of equipment shapes workflows and influences the result of 3D documentation techniques. As a freelance technician, I have invested in up-to-date, high-end technical equipment. By using my own field-tested GNSS devices, I can guarantee that surveying and topography tasks on your mission are executed with high precision and reliability.


Quality camera, drone equipment and a high-performance computer deliver reliable results during the on-going field campaign. With several years of experience in the maintenance and transport of surveying devices to the field, I can also take care of issues concerning import and other permissions needed for their use in the destination country.

FW3D Archaeology and Graphic Design

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If you are interested in my services, please do not hesitate to contact me. A personal conversation is the best way to answer open questions and find out how I can support your research project with my expertise.


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